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We at Marble Tile Guys provide marble tiles that are lavish and elegant, with the rich history of marble tiles they are highly recommended for designers, architects and artists. Marble is gotten from mountain ranges in countries around the world and is available in different finishes, sizes and does not require a lot of care and maintenance but has to be treated on a regular basis


Marble tile pricing

Marble is one of the most expensive tiling materials in the market, its price goes up to 20 dollars per square foot. Price is unique and not available easily thus the reason for the high prices. Marble also has its prices depending on the quality of the marble, the better the quality the higher the price, the larger the marble the higher the price also.Marble Tile Guys has different types of marble and all are priced differently.


Why marble tiles

marble tiles are mainly preferred because of their slip resistance property, marble with rough finish are mostly preferred because they look beautiful and are also risk free from falling and accidents. marble tiles are also made in such a way that they match with the house interior. marble tiles are also unique and you can always get a design that you won’t find in another person’s house. This makes them more attractive to customers who want unique things in their houses.

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Marble Tile

marble tiles come with many advantages which make it more useable and bought by my customers at Marble Tile Guys.marble tiles have an elegant appearance which makes it attractive to the customer on the first sight due to its beauty, the marble tiles also come with a wide range of colors and varieties. marble tiles come in different colors ranging from black to pink to white or even dark green with white texture. marble tiles complement many different decorating styles from classical to more modern styles.

marble tiles are also preferred by many clients due to their durability, marble is made of a durable hard stone which always stays in good shape for very many years if it is well maintained. Inherent robustness of marble is good for home since the owner won’t have to worry about pets pawing at the floor, marbles long life surpasses the period a customer would think of. Marble is also among the oldest forms of tiles used in ancient construction. After one has installed marble tiles in their houses they will most probably never change or replace the marble tiles for the rest of their lives.

marble tiles also have their disadvantages which include the cost and energy used in maintaining the marble tiles, maintaining marble tiles require constant polishing of the tiles in order to maintain the luster and clean the marble tiles. marble tiles are also very expensive thus making it not affordable to most people who would love to have.the cost of installation is also very high and it needs a lot of money to buy and install the tiles.

Customers can always reach Marble Tile Guys on 888-219-0340 for more information about marble tiles, we provide different types of marble tiles and have the best contractors to help in the installation process. You need marble then you know where to get the best marble tiles, Marble Tile Guys.

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